Caldera team comprises group of multi/interdisciplinary professionals who have served Industry and academia in the field of Energy and Utilities, Mining, Infrastructure and Geospatial Industries.

Caldera provides superior mapping and services for fulfilling the needs of mapping companies for Aerial and Satellite imagery in the Digital Photogrammetry industry and LiDAR industry serving both the domestic and international sectors. Caldera can map even remote locations throughout the world using high resolution satellite images from satellite sensors. We have state-of-the art facilities for offering services that covers a wide range of photogrammetric service requirements. Our services are intended to meet the diverse needs of our clientele quickly and efficiently and our project methodologies are based on the unique set of customer requirements and challenges.

  • High precision geo-referencing and raster tagging ,
  • Ortho image / photo generation, 
  • Image enhancements, 
  • Raster analysis and modeling,
  • Working on Stereo pairs and development of DEM
  • DTM/DSM,
  • Advance image processing,
  • Change detection, 
  • Interior and exterior orientation, 
  • Development of DEM & Contours, 
  • Development of DSM, 
  • Extraction of features, 
  • 3D GIS development, 
  • 3D Change detection, 
  • LIDAR Data Processing

Caldera is well equipped to provide the full range of services in digital Photogrammetry on

  • E&P Database Management
  • Geology &Geophysics 
  • Petrophysics
  • Logging
  • Mapping 
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Simulation and Modeling 
  • Production Data Management and Analysis 
  • Data quality check and monitoring
  • Working with Raster data/PDF/ Films
  • Image correction 
  • Digitization / Vectorisation using various manual, semi-automatics tools 
  • Extraction of images features E&P Database Management
  • Mobile mapping system (Full Planimetric feature classification and extraction, Railway, Utilities, Street, Bridges)
  • DTM & DEM Feature extractions
  • Advance classifications (Building, Bridge, Vegetation etc.). 
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM).
  • Raw Intensity ortho preparation 
  • Ortho photo rectification
  • Contour generation 
  • Bare Earth Classification 
  • Flood plain mapping ( with 3D break lines) 
  • Shoreline mapping