Caldera team comprises group of multi/interdisciplinary professionals who have served Industry and academia in the field of Energy and Utilities, Mining, Infrastructure and Geospatial Industries. Caldera’s team, with its experience and expertise, provides the company the strength to offer innovative, quality and effective solutions to all sectors of government, private enterprise, academia and non- governmental organizations. We measure our success in terms of the valueproposition we provide our customers to help meet their goals and competitive advantage.


Our mission is to deliver outstanding assortment of growth opportunities covering range of risks and rewards. We accomplish this by building a culture committed to effective and continuous improvement, and pure performance. We respect and trust as we carry out our roles and responsibilities. We create and sustain a culture that is passionate about teamwork, open communication, our values, performance and success. We wish to provide a platform for mutual sharing of knowledge, experience and strengthen the bonds between the future and existing leaders of the Industry.


  • To provide appropriate technology solutions by multi/inter disciplinary industry and academia subject matter experts.
  • To become pioneer group in providing best industry solutions in the field of energy utility, infrastructure and GIS solutions.
  • To become leaders by providing assured quality solutions on time.
  • To share knowledge and ensure recent ease of recent advance technology flow between our experts and customers to provide solutions.
  • To work by ensuring the design and implementation of solution that fits customers’ strategic goals.
  • To be an environment friendly, fiscally responsible entrepreneur that reinvests for sustainable development.

Caldera’s Values & Quality

Caldera provides quality products and services in a timely manner that meets or exceeds Customer requirements. With its values of Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, Innovation & Professionalism, Caldera seeks to build long term relationships with key Clients.